Sorare — New SO5 Tournament details: Everything you need to know to plan ahead!

A Brief History of SO5

Each player has a defined maximum supply of cards each season

Why the need for improvements?

NEW SO5 Leagues & Divisions

NEW SO5 Entry Rules

  • Managers will be able to enter 1 team per Division with the exception of the Developmental League which will allow for unlimited team entries.
  • Each Division will have an upper Multiplier (limit) on the strength of the team you can enter, allowing managers the freedom to create teams that combine different scarcities and different powers of playing cards

NEW Divisional Multipliers

A Rare Sebastien Haller card that currently has a Power rating of 1.26
  • Team A: 1 Unique, 3 Super Rares + 1 Rare card
  • Team B: 5 Super Rares
  • Team C: 2 Uniques + 3 Rare cards

NEW Progressive Prize Structures

  • Each Division will have a progressive prize structure that will initially be unlocked when a Tournament has 10 or more entrants.
  • Increased prize pools and additional winners will be created as Divisions grow and trigger higher entry thresholds.
  • New Prizes such as ‘XP Boosts’ can be won to help your players Level up and increase their in-game ‘Power’ faster.
I’m going to need to find these guys a team-mate if they are going to compete in the U21 League!

Is it too early to say where SO5 goes next?





🕹️ Blockchain Gamer into Sports #NFT #cryptocollectibles

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🕹️ Blockchain Gamer into Sports #NFT #cryptocollectibles

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